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Luxor Chianti Glamping Village

Your campsite in Siena

Organizing a vacation in a campsite around Siena is a great idea to enjoy not only the artistic attractions of the area but also to devote time to complete relaxation, immersed in nature and the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Luxor Chianti Glamping Village has been designed precisely so as to offer its guests all possible comforts but without losing contact with nature. Thanks to the possibility of choosing between glamping tents, equipped with every comfort, and traditional camping, everyone can build their own perfect vacation.

Nestled in the beautiful Trasqua forest, it is the perfect campsite for pleasant, relaxing and fun tourism in Tuscany.

Campsite with pool in Siena

One of the basic requirements that a campsite in Tuscany should have is definitely to offer its guests a nice swimming pool!

Summer in the Siena countryside can get really hot and muggy, so it will certainly be nice to always have a crystal clear pool of water to dive into during the sunniest hours.

Luxor Chianti Glamping Village, our campsite near Siena, has in fact no less than two swimming pools.


  • The main one is 300 square meters wide and has a depth ranging from 80 to 300 cm, so that anyone can swim while feeling comfortable in the water that is more or less high.
  • And, of course, there is also a pool dedicated to the kids: the campsite’s paddling pool has a depth of 40 cm, to offer fun opportunities just for everyone, even those who are (literally) taking their first steps!

Campsite with restaurant in Siena


What vacation would be without the opportunity to enjoy a great lunch or dinner at a restaurant? For so many of us, eating out is part of the vacation experience so it’s important to check that the campsite you choose also offers good food service.

Inside the Luxor Chianti Glamping Village Siena campsite you will find Locanda di Trasqua, an exceptional restaurant where you can enjoy typical Tuscan meat specialties as well as creative, quality seafood cuisine. In addition, there is a wide selection of pizzas, from classic to more original proposals.

Accompanying the chef’s recipes is an extensive and carefully selected wine list.

The restaurant has an indoor dining room, with wooden beams and brick arches typical of Tuscan tradition, and a beautiful veranda overlooking the pool and the woods, to enjoy the cool of summer nights.

Campsite for children and teens in Siena


As any parent knows: when traveling with kids and teens, it’s essential to think about their fun, too!

Here’s everything you can find at the campsite near Siena Luxor Chianti Glamping Village to keep everyone in the family happy!



For children, having a swimming pool is an essential part of the vacation! 

At our campsite, there are as many as two, one dedicated to those who already know how to swim and one designed specifically to keep the kids entertained. In the larger pool, there are rectangular portholes that offer the opportunity to take lots of fun photos to share with friends and keep as a souvenir.

Paddling pool

The paddling pool has a height of 40 cm, which means that even the youngest children can enjoy splashing around safely.

Fun water games with inflatable toys and balloons will become the main attraction of your children’s camping vacation, while you relax soaking up the sun and sipping a cool cocktail.

Easy Paintball (from 8 years and up)


An activity that will win over children and teens staying at our campsite in Siena is definitely Easy Paintball.

Hiding in the trees and scrubland of the Trasqua forest, you will have to find and hit the opposing team with a colored paintball. 

This is a simplified version of the classic Paintball, suitable even for children as young as 8 years old because it is extremely safe: in fact, there is no risk of getting hurt by the balls.

Bubble Football (from 11 years and up)


Something between soccer and inflatable games, Bubble Football is a fun activity that is sure to win over the young guests of our campsite near Siena.

Inside large inflatable balls called Bubble Balls, you’ll have to manage to score a goal against the opposing team by performing acrobatics and moves worthy of a circus show!

Archery tag (from 11 years and up)


For children and teens who are fans of Robin Hood, there is also a chance to try their hand at a special, modern archery tag at our campsite in Tuscany that is safe even for children because the arrows have a soft pad at the tip.

Archery Tag is an activity that requires skill, concentration and, of course, perfect aim so as not to miss a single target placed in the Trasqua Forest. Challenge your friends in a race to the last arrow!

Dante’s journey (4-10 years old)


Riddles, logic and skill games are the stages of this fun journey inspired by Dante’s adventures.

Dante’s journey unfolds within the Trasqua Forest and involves children ages 4 to 10 who are eager to try their hand at creative play, searching for clues that will lead them to save Beatrice.

Dog-friendly campsite in Siena


If you have a dog, you know how complicated vacation arrangements can get! 

You never want to leave it at home or in some pension with strangers to take care of it, but not all campgrounds accept your four-legged friend.

We know that a dog is a full-fledged family member, so we have designed our campsite near Siena to accommodate your faithful friends as well!

You’ll have plenty of green space to take nice, relaxing walks and all the comforts you need to enjoy your vacation with him. 

If you are looking for a campsite in Siena that accepts dogs, contact us specifying that you are traveling with a four-legged friend and we will give you all the information you need.

Campsite for tourism in
Tuscany in Siena


Tuscany is one of the most desired destinations in the world, and choosing a campsite in this region also means having the opportunity to visit some amazing places.

Rich in history, art and culture, Siena is the closest city to our campsite and certainly worth a visit. Instead, on the surrounding hills, in the beautiful Chianti countryside, there are small and characteristic medieval villages such as Monteriggioni and San Gimignano, which have remained intact as if they were carved in history and full of beauties to visit.

In addition, with a few kilometers drive you can reach Florence and spend a day in the most beautiful city in the world!

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Surely reading this article and thinking about summer has made you want to treat yourself to a camping vacation near Siena that allows you to relax with your family but also enjoy the artistic and cultural wonders of Tuscany.
To book your accommodation at Luxor Chianti Glamping Village now, contact us!

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